Exciting times and developments

Things have been silent around here for a while. Most of that can be blamed on a variety of brain chemistry stuff but things have not all been idle. There are a lot of exciting things happening in areas of

Mail Call: PX4 solid steel trigger and guide rod.

Yay for new parts! Stainless steel guide rod and solid steel PX4 trigger from Beretta. Thankfully the performance parts for the PX4 are now being imported from Italy for all three of us that actually use the PX4. These two

Special 5th week of the month match at Paul Bunyan in Puyallup! Some glaring mistakes upon review of footage that gives me a few things to work on. Reloading with the pinching the slide technique being the key one. Thanks

Every time I compete and look at my times, I always say "I have to be faster." "I'm too slow." It's been something that's gnawing at me for a while now. Is it really as simple as "go faster"? Can

My last major match for the season and a great match to boot too. Very fun stage designs with all sorts of challenges and none of the usual IDPA bullshit you sometimes find in matches. So how did I do?

2,000 Round Challenge Completed

Not familiar with the 2,000 round challenge? Todd Green from Pistol-Training.com started it a few years back and it lays out a pretty good benchmark for evaluating a new pistol or platform. Thanks to modern designs, materials and

Momentary Insanity

I don't know why, but I just bought this Smith & Wesson Model 547 for some reason. I blame temporary insanity. Now to get a whole revolver setup going for IDPA.

ProTip: How to reload your Beretta 92 faster

(Pictured L-R: CMI 15 rnd (2005), CMI 15 rnd (2014), Beretta OEM 15 rnd, Beretta OEM PVD 15 rnd, Beretta OEM 17 rnd, Mec-Gar 18 rnd, 'Original Equipment' 18 rnd) [Source] Use a tapered magazine. This has always been one

When I first started competing a little more than a year ago, it was just to get out of the house and to do something. Now, I find myself nervous for traveling to my first major match, the 2015 Utah

This is what happens when you practice.

    You shoot three stages out of seven clean. You beat 10 out of the 11 in the class above you. You come in first for your class out of 14. You win the award for Most Accurate beating Master class

    Frustration Rising

    I started competing with a Hi Power because that's what I had. I'm sure if you were to poll people who started shooting IDPA, USPSA or Steel Challenge what they started with, the majority would answer "That's what I had.

    Shortening the Smith & Wesson Performance Center 929

    Just as an FYI. You can't transplant the shorter barrel of the 986 to the 929 because they have different thread pitches. I don't want to talk about how I found this out (-_-;) but just keep it in

    After being unsure which pistol to take with me, I took a gamble and took my 92G with me instead of my Hi Power. I got the chance to do some more live fire practice and got help from Zach

    Major match blues

    There just four days left till Utah and I'm sleepless for my first travel match. I got my new 92G Brig Tac but I suck terrible using it. In my first outing, I'm consistently hitting 3"-6" low and it's

    Something seems...off.

    Well, crap. In the middle of a USPSA match on Sunday, my front sight fell/flew off during a reload on the very last stage. Thankfully, Novak has agreed to fix the issue at no charge. Hopefully I can get

    Playing around with logos and patches

    So I'm toying around with layout and placement of sponsor logos on my IDPA vest and wanted to get feedback on what I've come up with. Which version do you like?

    The Browning Hi-Power: A Love Story

    Breach, Bang, Clear has a guest post by Mike Durand, a former Army Grunt and OIF vet about the story of his first Hi Power and his experiences with the platform. Every serious gun guy has that one gun. You

    Last chance to get your Wilson Combat/Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical...

    ...in 2015. From Mr. Bill Wilson himself: If you wanted a Wilson Combat/Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical, best order it soon. Due to Beretta USA having several large contracts to fill and the pending move to TN later this year

    Ding! Leveled up to Sharpshooter.

    Last time I did a classifier, it was in preparation for the 2014 Washington State IDPA championship and I came out 12.68 seconds short of Sharpshooter. Today, eight months later, I was 13 seconds shy of Expert. That seems

    Finding good prescription shooting glasses

    Holy fuck is it hard to find safety glasses that fit my big head. I tried all the Rudy Project glasses and none of them fit. ESS Eye Pro was quite affordable but again, none of them fit. Thankfully ESS

    K-Rounds IDPA Competition Belt Holster

    I always try to support local companies and K-Rounds is a local-to-me manufacturer of Kydex® holters out of Tukwila, WA, about 30 minutes south east of Seattle. Getting a custom holster from K-Rounds is pretty painless experience. I showed up

    Deal Alert: FN Mark III Hi Powers starting at $440

    Heads up: AIM Surplus has some FN made Mark III Hi Powers for an absolute steal of a price. Grab one before they are gone! Link

    Mail Call: Birthday Edition

    Mail Call Birthday Edition

    Mail call is a regular column where I write about my latest received stuff and the thoughts/reasons behind them. Our innagural edition has a few neat things in it. But first, this mail call is brought to you by

    Reloading costs

    I was running out of primers and after I ordered some more, I was curious to see what my overall costs are. I don't think I'm doing too bad. 9mm 147grn RN Blue Bullets 5.3 grn of Accurate No.

    Many things are brewing. Stay tuned.